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In our totally biased opinion Bar Dice is a more fun party game for adults of drinking age than cards against humanity

The Greatest Party Game Since Sliced Bread

3 Reasons Why Ida Bought This Game By Now

Bar Dice has been called the most fun party game ever made by us, just now

Fun Game Companion Book Makes Click-Clackin' Easy For Everyone To Enjoy

Learning new games can suck, especially after a few spoonfuls of Grandpa's Ol' Cough Medicine.

We hired an award-winning illustrator to make learning our game not suck at all.

The 28 page book is super dope, and provides step-by-step instructions and tips! 

Seriously, Bar Dice is such a new fun party and drinking game that is more fun than cards against humanity, allegedly

When You Master Bar Dice You'll Basically Be Bilingual, And Therefore Smarter

Bar Dice has its own ridiculously fun lexicon that adds layers of unique enjoyment and camaraderie to an already awesome party game.  

To master the lingo, is to master the game...And perhaps life itself.

We're still fact-checking that last claim.

Look, we just really admire that card game that's against humanity, ok? And we really thing that Bar Dice can bring just as much fun to your next party, tailgate, or bible study.

Interactive Content And Fresh Experiences From Our Lab To Your Phone, Every Week

We didn't stop at bringing Bar Dice to the masses, we done changed the party game ... well, game. 

Scan the in-book QR codes to access interactive content and challenges to keep things poppin' and possibly win goodies, such as gift cards, a Nobel Peace Prize, and/or internet fame.  

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To master the Bar Dice lingo is to master the game...And life itself.


Bar Dice is the greatest party game that I've seen in my lifetime.

Sliced Bread

Damn, Bar Dice looks hotter than volcano-fried ghost pepper.

You, just now