Donation To Save Our Spots (SOS) Milwaukee!

Milwaukee is in our DNA. 

So, when we launched the MKE Bar Dice Co. it was paramount that we do something to give back to our hometown, even it's on the small scale that we could muster as a new business, to help our community rise above the financial and business struggles resulting from COVID-19. 

We read about SOS Milwaukee and its intent to donate funds to the following restaurants:

  • The Tandem
  • Three Brothers
  • Goodkind
  • Ca'Lucchenzo
  • Bavette La Boucheri
  • Interval
  • Pilcrow Coffee 
We loved the sentiment here and pledged to donate 20% of all sales from our initial inventory of limited edition "Brew Crew" colored Bar Dice kits to support SOS. 

Once we sold out of the "Brew Crew" kits, we made the donation of $1,000 on Milwaukee Day (4/14). 

We want to be clear that this type of donation literally isn't possible without your support of our company - so thanks again to everyone who's picked up a Bar Dice kit - we hope you find a little joy in these bizarre times, not only when playing the game, but also knowing that you've contributed to a really great cause. 

The fund has surpassed its goal - but of course, can also use more support, especially considering that earlier today (4/16/20) Wisconsin's Governor announced that the executive "stay at home order" will be in effect until the end of May.