MKE Bar Dice Co. On MKE Love Podcast

Big shout out to Lp and the MKE Love podcast for having us on to chat about our story and all things Bar Dice! 

Here's the episode description from MKE Love:

It could be said that Marko Knezic, founder of MKE Bar Dice Co, is making Milwaukee look, sound, and taste great.

Bar dice, I've learned, is an important part of Milwaukee bar culture. When one engages in a game of bar dice at a bar (inferred... it's in the name), it's assumed the experience is accompanied by unique bar visuals, delicious Milwaukee food and drinks, and the sound of dice knocking about in a fancy leather cup.

I interviewed Marko on Friday, May 29, 2020, when we discussed... Marko's background, the Milwaukee bar staple known as bar dice, and the launch of MKE Bar Dice in the midst of a global pandemic.

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