Shipping And MKE Day Updates

Hey Everyone! 

Per usual, we'd like to start off with a HUGE and sincere thanks to everyone for all the support we've received so far!

It's a strange time in general and we had no idea how launching a business would go with Coronavirus suppression efforts continuously throwing wrenches in all our lives like it's defending an airship in Super Mario, but you've really rallied behind Bar Dice in our first week and made it possible for us to continue to grow. 

Rocky Wrench Super Mario

Here's the latest:

We're planning to ship all of the current orders this upcoming week.

You'll receive an email when your Bar Dice kit is out for delivery and another when it's been delivered. 

We don't have an exact day yet, because we recently decided to add some extra goodies to improve the overall experience, like high quality, custom poly mailing bags that will be included with every order, pictured below.

 Custom Poly Mailers

We're truly a bootstrapped small business and are working hard to deliver a fun, quality game experience while being realistic about our budgets, so that's why the bags were a late addition to the mix.

We don't see Bar Dice as a novelty, but rather something that you'll be able to enjoy with friends and family for a long time, so we really want to make sure everything is on point, especially for our early fans :)

We've been developing the book for about six months an got an awesome illustrator to bring it all to life...and believe that dedication to quality will be evident when your book arrives! 

All that said, thanks for bearing with us while we get this initial batch out there and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions - we want to keep everyone informed and will get back to as soon as we can. 

414 Day Events
Another wrench that's been thrown into a tradition we love is the inability for us all to get together for Milwaukee Day celebrations on April 14.

BUT that won't keep Milwaukeeans down!

We're working with 414 Day organizers and other awesome local businesses to get some cool, interactive digital experiences set up.

Planning is still in progress, but we'll get details out to everyone as soon as they've been shored up!   

Facebook Group
We created a Facebook Group to serve as a Bar Dice community gathering space while we ride out the rest of the corona quarantine stuff. 

We say in the book that the heart of Bar Dice is feeling comfortable talking to anyone in the bar because if nothing else, you know you have this one thing in common...that's the spirit we're trying to capture here. 

Feel free to get discussions going about anything you'd chat about at the bar - sports, funny stories, etc.

We're also gonna be sharing updates and other content in there that won't be on the public FB profile.

It's pretty basic right now, but who knows, maybe we'll find a way to hook up some digital Bar Dice tournaments things of that nature if you're all interested. 

The group is set to private because everything you say in a bar isn't blasted out for the public on, the same goes here :)

Just click "request to join" and we'll approve you. 

Donation To SOS Milwaukee
As part of an effort to support other small businesses in MKE that are dealing with the 'rona fallout, we're donating 20% of the special edition "Brew Crew" sets to the SOS Milwaukee fund that was set up to support local spots around town. 

We'll be making that donation as soon as we get the deliveries out and will share the news on FB once it has been made. 

We can't stand bullshit artists so want to be sure we let you all know that we've kept our commitment to helping save our spots :)  

Future Plans
Thanks to you all, we've already almost sold out of our initial inventory of limited edition "Brew Crew" Bar Dice kits! 

It's so great to see people embrace the game and as of today, we've officially ordered our next round of inventory! 

We're going to continue with our website as the primary marketplace for now but hopefully can expand into retail spaces and whatnot when things get back to normal. If you know any other local businesses that may want to partner in some way, please let us know! 

Aaaaaaaaaand scene. 

If you made it this far in, sorry for the novel-length post and thanks for sticking with it. A lot of great stuff coming up!

#Cheers #IdaBroughtEmBackByNow