Thanks For Your Support!

Hey Everyone, 

We want to start out by saying thank you!

We've been working on Bar Dice for over six months and are really excited to share it with you all! 

We know that times are crazy right now with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we're all living and interacting with each other, so here are some quick updates on why we decided to launch now:

We initially planned to launch on Milwaukee Day (4/14/20) but given the current situation, we pushed that up in an attempt to give people a way to connect with something fun that can hopefully provide a little joy while we're all cooped up at home away from family and friends. 

Current Inventory
We're a small business and like everyone else out there are trying to navigate the current realities as best we can. We currently have supplies to ship 200 Bar Dice sets. 

These initial 200 sets include a limited edition yellow leather dice cup and 5 blue dice as a shout out to our home town Milwaukee Brewers. 

We're taking every precaution to keep everyone safe when shipping the game during the COVID-19 pandemic and will get supplies to make more sets once our supply chain partners confirm that it's safe to do so. 

We estimate that all of the initial 200 available sets will arrive at your door about a week after ordering. 

Should we sell out of the initial 200 game sets, we'll continue taking orders and ship them ASAP! And of course, will provide updates along the way.  

Donation Of Sales To SOS Milwaukee
Since we operate online, we aren't facing the same restrictions as our friends who own and work in the many independent bars and restaurants that we love and that make Milwaukee the special place that it is, we're doing our part to support them by donating 20% of all sales to the SOS Milwaukee (Save Our Spots) GoFundMe campaign that's already raised over $25,000 to help local businesses pay bills and support their staff while their doors are closed. 

To be clear, we don't have any direct partnership with SOS Milwaukee, but just really admire what they're doing.

It's great to see people pull together and support each other during tough times.  

Lastly, if you like what we're doing here, please share our site with your social networks and follow us on FB, Insta, Twitter and/or YouTube @BarDiceMKE ... that type of support is also much appreciated and will help to get the company off the ground!

All that said, thanks again. Truly. We really appreciate your support.