Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is COVID-19 Going To Delay Shipping?
    Nope! Well, of course barring any other catastrophes, plagues, natural disasters, or shenanigans that may cause USPS to close. 

  2. Do you play Bar Dice at home or at the bar?
    This version of Bar Dice is primarily made for people to play at home and events. 

    Bar Dice originated in bars across Milwaukee, but it's not common and often not legal to play in bars outside the local area...but it's too fun not to share with the rest of the world!

    Once you master the game with friends, we invite you to visit MKE where you can walk into pretty much any bar and flex your skills for chance at free shots!  

  3. Do you have to drink be 21 or drink alcohol to play Bar Dice?
    Nope! The original game is build around buying shots at the bar, but the home version can be played either with drinks or just for fun! 

    If you do drink, please do so responsibly and don't drive. Ever.  

  4. Who should buy Bar Dice?
    Bar Dice is a great game to elevate any party or get-together. It combines elements of strategy, gambling, and luck into one super fun game that has something for everyone to enjoy!

  5. Is Bar Dice easy to learn?
    We designed our Bar Dice book to make learning the game super easy. Like any other game, there are rules to learn, but nothing too crazy.

    To put it in perspective, people in Milwaukee bars, who typically enjoy imbibing, have learned the game with ease.

  6. How many people can play bar dice at once?
    There's no limit! You only need two people to play, but the more the merrier! 

    If you're home alone, you can use MKE Bar Dice's QR codes inside each Bar Dice book to engage with interactive content that includes challenges, drink recipes, and chances to win prizes!

    This content is updated every week to keep the party fresh. 

  7. Is The Book Made Of High Quality Materials?
    For sure! Our Bar Dice Game book is 28 total pages with high resolution color printing throughout. The cover is 130 lb gloss finished paper with a soft touch laminate and the inside pages are satin printed on 100 lb paper. 

    We print the book at a 6" x 6" size so it's easy store and to take with you to the bar or a friend's house. We're open to printing bigger sizes for special orders in bulk and/or white-labeling through our vendor program.  

  8. Does Bar Dice make for a good gift?

  9. Does Bar Dice ship internationally?
    At this time, we ship within the continental US and will re-evaluate our shipping capabilities as we continue to grow and scale. 

  10. Who owns the MKE Bar Dice Co.?
    We're an independent small business located in Milwaukee. 

  11. Can I sell Bar Dice in my bar or store?
    Yep! Click on the "Become A Vendor" link in this page's footer for more information.