Become a Bar Dice Vendor

Partnering with us to sell Bar Dice at your bar or store comes with a bunch of benefits to boost sales, awareness, and return visits for your business. 

  • White Labeling
    We'll work with you to create custom versions of our Bar Dice book to include your company's logos and branding throughout, so consumers will be reminded of your establishment every time they play Bar Dice. 

  • Your Company Featured In Bar Dice's Interactive Book Content
    One of the many things that makes Bar Dice a unique, agile, and effective marketing channel is its use of QR codes to link to new content each time a consumer opens the Bar Dice book.

    There are six dynamic QR codes printed in the book and each one links to different themed content. We work with vendor partners to create and link to branded, measurable content to promote your establishment. 

  • Social Media Cross-Promotions
    We'll tag your company page accounts on our Facebook and Instagram channels to drive traffic and raise awareness. 

  • Event Promotion
    For vendors who want to host Bar Dice events (i.e. tournaments, giveaways, etc.) we'll provide targeted promotional support across our social channels and email lists. 

  • Discounted Pricing 
    In addition to the marketing value, we work with our sales partners to provided discounted volume buying to ensure mutually beneficial business outcomes.